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[IMPORTANT] Ban Appealing Information
Greetings all, 

This thread will outline our procedure for appealing a punishment. If you have been punished, and feel your punishment was unjust you have up to one month's time to appeal it. When appealing your punishment, it is necessary that you follow the format below or it WILL NOT be reviewed by our staff team.


Date of Punishment:

Punishing Staff Member:

Ban Reason:


Counter Proof (Opt.): 

For most incidents (although exceptions may occur), staff are required to provide proof of punishment (Bans+). If proof isn't provided OR the appeal hasn't been responded to within 3-5d the appeal will automatically be accepted assuming there aren't any additional circumstances (i.e A punishment from owners, Security related ban, etc..). 

  • Appeals ARE NOT accepted or considered if there is swearing, disrespect, or any of the sorts directed at an individual / or located anywhere in an appeal.

  • Failure to follow the format will result in a denied appeal or obligation to create a new one. It is important that everyone follow's the format above.

  • If you are not staff, DO NOT comment on appeals. The one exception is to only post on appeals if you were directly involved in a situation and have more to add (i.e Counter proof).
If you have any specific queries feel free to contact myself, or any staff member for additional information or to voice your concerns. 

Thanks! And enjoy playing! Big Grin

-Willowhaus, lead administrator and keeper of Exodiac.

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